10 Creative Ideas

10 Ideas for Your On-Site Massage
To Benefit Employees and Corporate Clients

  1. Regular appointed times for employee on-site massages.
  2. Create an enhancement at conventions and trade shows that increases traffic flow and booth exposure.
  3. A win/win for fundraising events. A portion of the donations from massages go toward the charity of choice.
  4. A corporate plus for health and benefit fairs, or quarterly bonuses.
  5. A customer appreciation day in any business to give a “corporate hug of thanks”.
  6. A grand opening or anniversary special celebrating a business success.
  7. Attract and reward new customers at any time of the year.
  8. A perfect compliment for any golf outing as a pre-game warm-up or a post-game activity.
  9. An rewarding way to end a walking or running event or marathon.
  10. Provide for a themed event: weddings, baby showers, receptions, parties or mixers.