Corporate Pit Stop has been providing corporate chair massage to our employees since 1998. The visits offer a means for our employees to escape from their day-to-day stress, while allowing the Bank to show that we are concerned for their well being. This results in a win-win situation for all
— Rita W., Benefits Manager, Bank
The bimonthly chair massage is an event that we all look forward to. In addition to providing a well-deserved healthful timeout during a difficult workday, it boosts morale and demonstrates to my staff that I care about their health and well being. It represents a multifaceted benefit to any employer and their staff.
— Kenneth J. F. M.D., Director, Dermatopathology Laboratory
Our annual wellness fair has the usual health vendors with specific tests for the employees of Melwood. These last few years we have been fortunate to offer seated massages as well from Corporate Pit Stop. Two massage therapists are steadily busy for the 4 hours making many employees happy and relaxed. We have always found it to be a WIN/WIN when the professionals of Corporate Pit Stop are a part of our health and wellness fairs.
— Renie F., Benefits and Insurance Manager, Horticultural Training Center
Employee Retention! A Critical issue to remain competitive and profitable in business today. [The firm] was searching for special benefits to reinforce our commitment to our valued employees. Corporate Pit Stops unique approach for seated massages are just the type of benefits we are seeking. Our staff loves the special attention and suggestions to optimize their health provided by Linda and her staff. Dollar for Dollar I can’t think of a better way to make our people feel appreciated. Contact Corporate Pit Stop today and start reaping all the benefits of a happy staff.
— Glen S., President, Architect Firm
If you are looking for a great moral booster for your company look no further than Linda Penkala’s Corporate Pit Stop. Her company provides onsite chair massage – which our company has found to relax both employee muscles and minds. The massage does not take over 15 minutes per person, and is well worth the return in happier and healthier staff. The only complaint you will have, is that you don’t do it more often.
— David B., President, Management Services
Long hours of reservationists sitting, keystroking and servicing customers with flight bookings can result in feelings of stress and tension for some agents. A major airline’s (Baltimore Reservations) wellness fairs have had the services of Corporate Pit Stop to help neutralize the effects of employee’s stress and have been well received by employees. Many have remarked about the difference they feel after their 15 minute seated massage and the impact in terms of comfort, productivity, and morale. We truly would not envision our employee wellness fair without the expertise of Corporate Pit Stop’s well trained massage therapists who educate and make a difference in all employees who are fortunate to receive a massage.
— A Major Airline Corporation
Thank you Corporate Pit Stop! During our busy tax season you took great care of us! We enjoyed your weekly services. Your massage therapists were great! They took the time to discuss with each of us what we liked in a massage and if we had any special needs. They were personable and well skilled. Thank you so much
— Deborah C., Firm Administrator, Business Accounting and Financial Planning Firm